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Made in India and built as one of the most advanced portable computer forensic tool.  NANO is designed for high-speed forensic data acquisition from Mobile and Storage drives. NANO is rugged, built for the onsite data acquisition.

Field Forensic NANO offers the forensic investigator a powerful and versatile platform for forensic data seizure and analysis. Field Forensic features native support for SATA and USB 3.0 drives as well as other common drive i.e M.2, NVME & IDE interfaces using adapters. Featuring advanced SATA-3 Acquisition Technology, the unit supports today's and tomorrow's high speed drives and offers. NANO is configured with a Ethernet port for network connectivity support, data from suspect drives can be uploaded during acquisition for archiving, sharing or future analysis.


Rugged Design: NANO comes in a portable, shock absorbent case with use of carbon fiber it  offer a tough, design. when fully closed its a ip67 case with waterproof, dust proof and handle atmospheric pressure,


High-end Processing Power: NANO comes in 2 variants iNTEL and AMD. With a powerful iNTEL i5 and AMD Ryzen  CPU with 2 core and 4 threads.


Display: NANO is equipped with 7" Touch screen with resolution of 1024x700.


Multiple Drive Interface Support: Offers native support for SATA, USB 3.0 drives Optional adapters are available to support IDE Drives, Micro SATA, Mini-SATA, M.2 and NVME SSD.


Network Storage Support: Upload and download images to and from a shared Network Storage location using the native Gigabit Ethernet Interface.

Software: NANO comes equipped with:

  • Windows 10 / 11

  • MobileEdit pro*


Addational Kit: NANO comes with its cable's and connector's.

  • Power adapter.

  • Keyboard with touch pad.

  • 2 SATA Cable to connect drives.

  • CAT 6 Patch cable.

  • Carry Bag / Case


Weight: having only 2.6 Kg in weight, NANO is extremely light weight.


Dimention: NANO is extremely compact with dimension of 12.5" x 10.1" x 6".


Multiple Built-In ports: 2 SATA ports dedicated for evidence and suspect drives, 2 USB 3.1 ports dedicated for evidence and suspect drives, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port.


Hardware Specifications: Field-Forensic comes in a portable, shock absorbent case with carbon fiber top for durability.



​AMD  (2 core 4 threads) (2.3 GHz to 3.2 GHz)

iNTEL (2 core 4 threads) (2.6 GHz to 3.5 GHz)



Storage Drive

High Speed 1 TB / 512 GB nVME SSD


​7"  1024 x 700 Touch screen


Power Supply         

12.0V adapter


2 hotswap Sata III ports

USB Port

2 USB 3.1 ports

Bluetooth & Wifi

Bluetooth and Wifi adapter

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